Virtual & Live

Live for a moment in the world of beverage and culinary experts and turn your home into a 5-star destination.

"Best Independent Cocktail Making Classes" - The Spruce Eats

Cocktail Making and Mixology


The ABC’s of Mixology can be mastered by anyone, especially when learning from globally renown cocktail experts! Get alcohol ingredients delivered legally, where available. Non-alcoholic and low abv cocktails available.

Spirits Tasting

Every Spirit has a unique story to tell, from the source materials that are fermented to the liquid pulled from the barrel. Learn why each spirit category has earned their place in the world.

Spirits Tastings and Pairings

Wine Tastings

Discover your personal wine style! Learn to communicate confidently about wines, taste like a Pro, avoid feeling lost in a wine menu, and expand your palate in these upbeat courses.


Learn new skills and prepare a 3-course meal worthy of praise from family and friends. Add a wine or cocktail pairing session for the full experience.

Cooking Classes


Sure, you know how to make banana bread. How about adding a couple additional pastries or desserts to your repertoire?!

Garnishing & Plating

Sometimes, it’s not just about the ingredients. It’s also about the presentation! Learn about how to plate

your favorite meals and garnish your favorite drink.

Garnishing and Decorating