Darnell Holguin

Founder and Chief Creative

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My Story

A Bronx native, Darnell has experienced the full extent of the hospitality that New York City has to offer. With a variety of bar and restaurant experiences ranging from joining Bathtub Gin to the opening of The Fifty, Darnell built a foundation that led partnering with actor Michael B. Jordan and his team as Beverage partner at Las’ Lap. LES’ hottest Caribbean inspired craft bar with a devoted following amongst the music and movie celebrity circuit.

Alongside his operations prowess, Darnell was featured in Time Out New York’s Top 10 Bartenders – 2015 and is the 2017 Bacardi Legacy U.S. Champion, and is the Co-host of the beverage podcast Azucar y Limon. As further testament to his impact and influence in the industry, The Cocktail Artist product line features Darnell on their Sweet & Sour mix.



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