Freddie Sarkis

Chief Cocktail Officer

Liquor Labs

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My Story

Originally born in the Midwest, Freddie Sarkis spent his formative years in Ontario, Canada. Growing up in an Syrian immigrant family, Sarkis’ upbringing sparked his passion for hospitality. “Entertaining was a part of my life from a young age,” explains Freddie. “I’ve always equated culture with food and drink, and enjoyed the visceral experience of eating and drinking.”


Freddie started his career in the northeast with stops in Toronto before moving to New York City.  Working in most fascists of bar related hospitality, from bar back to brand ambassador and everything between (including owning a fee of his own places) over the years. Ultimately traveling and taking his passion for crafting experiences and drinks to the next level and earning many accolades along the way.


Currently, Freddie is working with his own new start up company, Liquor Lab. Based in New York City and Nashville, this marks a shift into the entrepreneurial space for Mr. Sarkis.


Outside of Liquor Lab, Freddie is also exploring a new start up bridging hospitality enthusiasts with the exciting and emerging web three space, by integrating NFT‘s with real life experiences and hopes to fully launch “Xpassports” soon.


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